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10 tips for surviving long-haul flights

I’m on my way to Australia! I’m so excited for this solo trip that I really cannot wait to be in Sydney. However, the total duration of the journey is more than one day and I am a bit nervous for the long-haul flight. Luckily for me, I have already endured few long-haul flights between Europe and USA, so I decided to make a list of 10 survival tips that can make long-haul flights much easier.

1. Dress comfortably

Comfort is the key! You are gonna wear the same outfit for several hours and you don’t want to be uncomfortable. So wear whatever works for you:  leggings or yoga pants, a flowy top, a sweater or a hoodie, and some sneakers. I also always wear a gym bra 🙂


2. Change into a fresh outfit before landing

After several hours wearing the same clothes, you might feel the need to change. Wearing fresh clothes will help you feel cleaner and ready to explore the country you landed in.

3. Bring mini-toiletries with you

I always pack a toothbrush and a toothpaste in my hand-luggage. Deodorant is also a must, together with a lip balm (my lips are super dry during flights). Just remember that the volume of each bottle cannot exceed 100ml. If you want, you can also bring your makeup with you. Mascara and lip gloss can hide you tired after-flight face.

4. Use a travel neck pillow…


I just cannot travel without my travel neck pillow. I love sleeping during flights and the pillow avoids that I wake up with terrible neck pain (hey, I’m getting old!)

5. …and an eye mask

Everyone recommends an eye mask to avoid to be disturbed by lights in the aeroplane. I usually don’t mind sleeping with lights on, but if the light is a problem for you, then you should consider buying a good eye mask (and probably also earplugs).

6. Pack extra fuzzy socks and scarf


You never know how cold a plane can get. Bring extra fuzzy socks that you can wear after you remove your shoes. A cotton scarf can also be useful. It can be used as a blanket in case of necessity.

7. Hydrate your body

Drinking lot of water is always good for you: it increases your energy, helps prevent headaches and dry skin, and aids digestive health. Additionally, it’s one of the best ways to fight jet lag is! Bring a water bottle with you and when it is empty ask the attendants if they can fill it.

8. Bring snacks


Food offered by the airline might not be enough for you. Bring your own food! Try to avoid carbs and take a few light protein-rich snacks with you, like chopped vegetables, cheese and crackers, protein and nut bars. I found this article about what to eat on a plane extremely useful.

9. Stay Charged

Charge all your devices before your journey: your phone, iPad, laptop, etc. In this way you can always keep yourself entertained if the provided entertainment is not enough. It can also happen that some of your devices may die you land. For this reason, it’s also a good idea to bring along a portable charger with you, just in case!

10. Pack a good book

I love reading! And long-haul flights are the perfect opportunity to read a good book. This might be handy if all your electronic devices are dead. If the flight is very long and you want to read several books, consider the idea to buy a Kindle! I bring mine basically everywhere! Best layovers include ice-cream and kindle for me 🙂


Here the list of the 10 essential tips for surviving long-haul flights.

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