From Yosemite National Park to Lake Tahoe

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Are you planning your road trip through northern California? Yosemite is a must! Next stop? Lake Tahoe! The drive from Yosemite National Park Big Oak Flat Entrance to Lake Tahoe South offers stunning vistas over mountains. There are several drives to get to Lake Tahoe from Yosemite. I decided to try the one below, and I was not disappointed. The landscape was stunning!

The first part of the drive will bring you through California gold fields, at least during summer. After this part, the drive through mountains and lakes starts, and it is just amazing.

From Yosemite to Lake Tahoe
From Yosemite to Lake Tahoe on the road

Landscape completely changes once you get into the Eldorado National Forest. There, there are so many scenic viewpoints where you can stop and admire beautiful landscapes. On the map, I highlighted all the ones I liked the most. The first one is Paddler Hill Overlook, which is located at the summit of Peddle Hill, along Carson Pass. From this point, it is possible to see the Lower Bear River Reservoir. Stunning!

Peddler Hill scenic viewpoint
Peddler Hill scenic viewpoint

The next viewpoint on Carson Pass Highway offers a really cool view of Caples Lakes. There, you can also find the Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail Marker, which can be interesting if you want to know more about Mormon history. I really appreciated the fact that people who stop at the same viewpoint are willing to talk to you. They are curious about where you are heading and then give you suggestion about the best route and best viewpoints along it. I think this is one of the consequences of phones having no signal in this area. How cool is to reconnect with people, even if for just few minutes?

Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail Marker Point
Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail Marker Point

Anyway, just a few kilometres ahead you will drive by Caples Lake and if you want you can stop there and admire the lake with the background of snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada. If you are lucky you can also have a really interesting conversation with fishermen waiting patiently for a catch. For example, I learnt how to catch a trout that day 🙂 Hopefully, this information will be useful at some point in my life!

Caples Lake
Caples Lake

Well, my camera lens was dirty when I took the picture above, but I think it still looks beautiful! Next stop on the way is the Red Lake Vista Point, which is named after the reddish volcanic rock found in the area.

Red Lake
Red Lake

After this stop, go ahead toward Lake Tahoe. If you drive on the West Coast of the lake you have to stop at the Inspiration Point. The parking spots are limited, but the view is worth the wait. You can admire the whole lake from the top and its crystal blue water.

Lake Tahoe view from Inspiration Point
Lake Tahoe view from Inspiration Point

And of course, don’t forget to stop to chill on one of the beautiful beaches of the lake.

Stop at Lake Tahoe
Stop at Lake Tahoe

After Lake Tahoe, I continued my 7-day trip in California. Following stop? Sacramento!
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