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6 tips to rent a car on TURO



Turo is a car rental service, which works like AirBnb works for houses. Basically, you book a car online from other Turo users, and then go pick it up or have it delivered to you. Easy peasy (lemon squeezy). I used it last summer to rent this beautiful Toyota Yaris to do a 4-days road trip in California, which started and ended in San Francisco (here top 10 things to do in this beautiful city). I’m going to share with you what I learned using Turo:

  • Select the most convenient pick-up point

One of the most convenient aspects of Turo is that you can select the most convenient pick-up point for you, which might be a strategic point to avoid traffic or the closest point to you. Or, if you want, the car can be delivered to the address you want. What is better than this to start your journey?

  • Check the odometer before to start your trip
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Turo rates are daily flat rates, but, if the distance travelled is more than the prefixed limit, additional charges must be paid when you return the car. Take a picture of the odometer before to start your trip!

  • Check how much gasoline is in the fuel tank

The tank should be full, but if it is not, take a picture and instantly send it to the owner of the car.

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  • Check there is a jack in the car

If you rent a car from an official agency you don’t need to worry about this. There is a jack. But if you rent a car with TURO, well, check before you leave. I got a flat tire during my road trip in California and I was not happy to find out that I didn’t have a jack in my car.

  • Check there is a spare tyre in the car

Again, you never know what is going to happen during your trip. Be sure that there is a spare tyre in your car.

  • Fill the gas tank and take pictures of the fuel gauge and the odometer before to return a car.

Overall, I had a good experience using TURO. I must admit that I should have checked the jack presence before to leave. I don’t think I can blame TURO. Also, when I returned the car I left my jacket there (I know, I know) and the girl who rented me the car was so nice to bring me back the jacket at the coffee place where I was.

So, in the end, I would recommend TURO, for cheaper prices and human interaction 🙂 Just apply these 6 small tips!

If you want to know about my 7-day road trip in Northern California,  during which I used TURO, click here.

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