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Best outdoor activities in the Jeseníky Mountains, Czech Republic

The Jeseníky Mountains are the Czech paradise for outdoor adventure seekers. With amazing biking trails, uncontaminated lakes and breathtaking views, these mountains are a wildlife playground for nature lovers. The Jeseníky Mountains are in between the Olomouc region and the Moravian-Silesian region and they are reachable in about two hours from some of the major cities of Czech Republic, like Olomouc, Brno and Ostrava. Thanks to their position, these mountains are the perfect getaway from the city and they certainly deserve to be included in your itinerary around Czechia.
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Here is my list of the best outdoor activities to do in the Jeseniky Mountains!


There are several hiking opportunities in the Jeseníky Mountains and they are all amazing. In the Jeseníky Mountains website (, you can find the complete list of the hiking trails, classified according to difficulty level, length and location. Pick the most appropriate for you, and start your adventure. One of the most scenic trails is the one which runs by the river Bílá Opava and brings you from the spa village of Karlova Studanka to the summit of Mount Praděd, the highest mountain of the Moravian – Silesian region.

Bílá Opava trail
Bílá Opava trail – Jeseníky Mountains

This trail is full of small bridges, narrow paths and even ladders, and it is one of the most beautiful I’ve done in Europe. You can find the details of this trail here, in my outdooractive profile.

Here you can see the video made by the talented Nate of the hike we made by the Bila Opava river.

At the top of Praděd, there is a television transmitter tower, which is the highest building in the entire country and includes a restaurant and a hotel. Views from there are spectacular and the sunset is breathtaking.

Visit the Praded hotel website ( to know more about this fantastic place.

Mountain biking

Riding a mountain bike down steep, muddy and rocky slopes is one of the funniest things you can do in the Jeseníky Mountains if you are an adrenaline-addicted like me. You can find amazing biking trails at the Kopřivná resort, a beautiful ski resort that in summer uses the chairlift to bring you and your bike to the trailhead. At the Kopřivná bikepark there are 4 different trails, of increasing difficulty, so that you pick the one according to your familiarity with this sport. And, if you don’t have your own bike, you can always rent one at the resort!

Click here to know prices to do mountain biking in the Jeseníky Mountains.

 Kopřivná resort MTB
Mountain biking at Kopřivná resort

Downhill Drift Triking

At the Kopřivná bikepark, you can also do downhill drift triking. Tricycles used in this sport are designed so that the front wheel maintains grip, while the plastic-coated rear wheels make the fantastic drifts. This sport is quickly growing in popularity across the globe and it is an amazing alternative to the regular mountain biking. It is certainly something to try if you are seeking for a new adrenaline-pumping activity!

Check this amazing video made by Dave On Arrival to see the fantastic experience we had at at Kopřivná bikepark!

Downhill Scooter

Downhill scooter is the perfect way to get down from the mountains in a fun way and enjoy breathtaking views at the same time. In the Jeseníky Mountains, you can experience the longest downhill ride on scooters in the Czech Republic! This scenic scooter ride starts at the Dlouhé Stráně reservoir and continues for over 17 km, ending into the Kouty area. During the ride, you are completely surrounded by nature and you can watch the scenery changing from alpine to pine forests.

Scooters can be rented at the Helia Sport shop on Koutecké náměstí or directly at the beginning of the ride, at top of the Dlouhé Stráně reservoir.

Click here to find all the info about the longest downhill ride on scooters in the Czech Republic!

Boating and swimming

Fancy a swim? Slezská Harta is the place for you! The cold water of this dam is perfect to refresh yourself after the other extenuating activities. You can even rent a pedal boat to cruise around the lake and have the opportunity to see the dam from another perspective. This is the perfect place to relax surrounded by wild nature.

In the Slezská Harta website ( you can find more information about all the activities that it’s possible to do in this beautiful location, which includes fishing and diving.

Slezská Harta
Slezská Harta

Where to stay in the Jeseníky Mountains

There are several places where to stay in the Jeseníky Mountains and you can pick the more convenient for you according to the activities you want to do. If you are interested in mountain biking or downhill drift triking, the best place to stay is the Kopřivná resort, so that you can wake up and start your favourite activities straight away.

Kopřivná resort
View of Kopřivná resort. Thanks to A Couple of Dreams for this beautiful drone shot (Have you checked their YouTube channel?)

If you decide to hike to the summit of Praděd, then the perfect choice for your stay is right at the end of your hike, at the Hotel Praděd. This hotel is located in the television transmitter tower, and it is the highest building in the entire country! It is certainly a unique place where to stay for the night.

Praděd summit

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Jeseniky Mountains Jeseniky Mountains Jeseniky Mountains Jeseniky Mountains

Thanks to Moravian-Silesian region, Czech TourismKopřivná resortHotel PradědMikroregion Slezská Harta and Dlouhé stráně for the organisation of this trip. I really had a blast in these stunning places.

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