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Bray to Greystones cliff walk. A lovely day-trip from Dublin

The cliff walk between Bray and Greystone is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon around Dublin. The trail is accessible in less than one hour from Dublin by DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit), the Irish train which runs along the coast from Howth to Greystones, and it can either be started from Bray Seafront or Greystones Harbour. Additionally, you can decide if you want to go back walking or using the train. Here you can find a map of the trail.

I decided to start the trail in Bray because it was about lunch time and I wanted to eat at Butler & Barry, which is right over the beach and it has the most amazing ocean view.


Bray seafront is also really cute, with a huge grass and many colourful beach huts where you can buy ice cream, candies, drinks or beach games. The trail starts at the end of the Bray seafront. Right after the start, there are tables on the cliff which can be used to do picnic when the weather is nice. At this point, you can decide if you want to climb to Bray Head or walk on the cliff. The climb to Bray Head offers stunning views over Dublin’s Bay and the Wicklow Mountains.

Cliff walk Bray - Greystones
Cliff walk Bray – Greystones

However, I decided to follow the railway line, the path overlooking the Irish Sea, because it was way too warm to go uphill and because I wanted to enjoy the sea breeze as much as I could. The walk is extremely scenic and it is even more beautiful during spring because of the presence of colza flowers all over the cliff.

Colza flowers
Colza flowers – Cliff walk

In particular, close to Greystones, there is a wonderful colza flower field where flowers are taller than me. At the end of the trail, before to enter Greystones town, there is a huge beautiful beach where you can lie down and relax after the two-hour walk.

Cliff walk - Greystone seaside
Cliff walk – Greystone seaside

If you want to eat at Greystones, you can do it in the harbour area. However, the ice cream places close at 6pm and the pub stops serving food at 6pm as well. I was literally panicking because I was craving ice cream and beer so badly, but I was happy to realise that close to the train station there are so many other restaurants, pubs and supermarkets. So I could eat my ice cream and then relax sipping a cold cider before to take the train and go back home.

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