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On the Road, Switzerland

Tour of Switzerland in two weeks

As many of you may know, this year I had the chance to live in Switzerland for 3 months during which I tried to experience this country as much as I could. I tried to visit a new place every weekend, and now I decided to create a complete itinerary for you which includes all the places I liked the most. The itinerary lasts 2 weeks and it can be divided into two parts: Western Switzerland and Central Switzerland.

Harderkulm viewpoint
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Two days in the Interlaken area, the best place in Switzerland

Interlaken is the best place in Switzerland for me. How it is easy to understand, it is called Interlaken because it lies between two lakes: Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The two lakes, with their super blue water, create a unique landscape and, at the same time, the cities around the lakes are so beautiful that you really don't want to leave.

Olympic Museum
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Lausanne on Sunday: visiting the Olympic Museum

Italiano Walking around Lausanne on Sunday is a surreal experience. The town is so empty that you start wondering if there was an apocalypse and just few survived. Truth is that Sunday is Switzerland is made for family and outdoor activities, and I think it's a good idea to take a day completely off, even from… Continue reading Lausanne on Sunday: visiting the Olympic Museum