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Few hours in Sacramento

During my 7-day road trip in northern California, I planned to spend one night in Sacramento. This city is the capital city of the state of California, so I thought it deserves at least few hours of my time, and I was totally right! The city welcomed me with sunset colours between skyscrapers, which are visible from the high road.

Sacramento view
Sacramento view at sunset

The most interesting part of the city is the old part, which is indeed called Old SacramentoWalking around Old Sac is quite funny and interesting at the same time. In this area, there are several historical buildings, which still show a reasonable approximation of their original appearance.

Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento

Most buildings are used as restaurants, gift shops or other kinds of touristic places. The city gives you the feeling to be back in the American Old West! Well, despite cars parked on the side of buildings.

Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento

The city is crossed by the Sacramento River, which was the main mean of transport from the hinterland to the coast of California. Sacramento was one the first cities in the transcontinental trip from the West coast to the East side of USA. The Station in old Sacramento still gives you a really good idea of what passengers of the 19th century could find in the first stop of their long trip.

Old Sacramento depot
Old Sacramento

Also, anchored on the river, there is the fabulous steamboat Delta King, which story started in Glasgow in 1927, and it is now a hotel. This boat perfectly fit with the Old Sac style! But the skyscraper on the back of the boat reminds you that we are still in the 21st century.

Old Sacramento
Delta King – Old Sacramento

I would definitely include Sacramento as one of the stops on your road trip. Walking through the old city will make you really feel to be a few centuries back in time. Keep in mind that few hours are enough to enjoy the vibes of the city, and then you can start again your trip. Or you can decide to sleep there, as I did.

Old Sacramento

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