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Hiking around Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva) – From Leysin to Solacyre

Switzerland is well known for amazing hiking trails through Alpes, and also the area around Lac Léman is plenty of them. So, last week I planned my weekend trail on my account and went snowshoeing from Leysin to Solacyre. The website outdooractive * is a great website if you want to plan your own trail in advance. Then, you can share your trails and you can also see trails organised by others, so it is really good if you need to find inspiration for new trails.

One of the reasons I decided to hike from Leysin to Solacyre is that Leysing village can be easily reached by public transport. Indeed, an old-fashioned cog train goes up to the resort village from Aigle train station. Here you can find the train timetable.

Leysin snowshoeing
Snowshoeing Leysin – Solacyre

It was my first time snowshoeing, and I have to say that walking on really powdery snow, going up and down really steep paths, is actually quite fun. I would say that the difficulty of this trail is moderate. The length is around 8 km and it takes 3 hours, approximately. It starts at 1391m and the altitude at the highest point is 1836m.


The picture above is actually the only sunny picture I could take during the hike. The weather was not great during it. To be honest, it was horrible! So foggy that I couldn’t see beyond my own nose. I know, I should have checked the weather conditions before to leave (it is actually one of my 8 tips for snowshoeing), but I was just too excited to go that I didn’t care about the weather conditions.

Snowshoeing Leysing Solacyre
On the way up to Solacyre

On the way up the trail was well defined and also quite large. Thus this part of the hike was not so difficult. On the way down the trail was not defined and we went down on really steep slopes. In some cases, it was much easier to slide down, which was quite fun. This trail should offer amazing views of Lac Léman. However, I cannot say much about views because I couldn’t really see much because of the fog. 

Snowshoeing - Leysin Solacyre
On the way down – Walking towards the unknown

On the bright side, tops of the mountains are often quite windy, thus fog can be wiped out for few minutes also during a super foggy day like the one I did the hike. And if this moment comes, the light breaks through the clouds, and there you are, enjoying this single moment worth the all hike. Here is a picture of me soaking up some sun for few seconds in one of these moments 🙂

Soaking up some sun at Solacyre

If you want to discover more snowshoeing trails in Switzerland I also suggest looking at this website. If you want to do an easier hike, which doesn’t require snowshoes, you can try the one from Les Paccots to Les Guederes. It was the first snowy hike I did in my life, and you can find more information about this hike here.

*Do you use website? If yes, can you share your favourite trails with me?

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