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How to visit Gibraltar: from the cheapest to the most expensive option

Gibraltar is a unique and confusing place. It is a small British Overseas Territory located at the end of Spain, separated just by a narrow gap of sea from Africa. Here, phone boxes and post boxes are painted red, just like in the UK, but the weather is way better than in Britain. Most, people speak English, but some of them speak Spanish. The official currency is the pound, but Gibraltar issued notes and coins are not usually accepted in the UK.

In order to get there from Spain, you have to cross the border. Legends say that it can take up to 8 hours to do it, especially if you are by car. For this reason, it is better to leave your car on the Spanish side, a La Linea de la Conception, and then cross the border on foot. On the Spanish side, you can find many free parking spaces at just about 1km from the frontier, so you don’t need to pay. For example, I parked in front of the stadium, by the Playa Levante.

Gibraltar - Main Street
Gibraltar – Main Street


Fun fact: The road to get into Gibraltar is also the airport runway! This road gets closed down every time a plane lands at the territory’s airport! When there are no planes coming or going, you can walk right across it .

In this post, you can find a clear list of different ways to explore Gibraltar. From the cheapest one to the most expensive.

1. Walking around for free

Our feet are the cheapest means of transport, and this is not a mystery. In Gibraltar you can, of course, walk around the city for free. You can also see the famous Gibraltar monkeys (Gibraltar Barbary macaques) for free. Most of them are at the Apes Den. To reach this place, turn into Bell Lane and then follow the indications for the Upper Rock.

Stairs to get to the Upper Rock
Stairs to get to the Upper Rock

2. Walker ticket 1

The walker ticket can be bought at the entrance of Gibraltar Nature Reserve. To get there, walk along the Engineer Road, until you reach the Pillars of Hercules monument. Here you ca buy two type of tickets. The cheapest one (walker ticket 1) costs £5.00 and it allows you to visit also the Skywalk, the Windsor Suspension Bridge and the O’Hara’s Battery. The Skywalk entrance allows you to reach the top of the Rock, where the view is seriously breathtaking.

There are about 300 monkeys wandering around the rock. They look cute, but please be careful when you walk around. These apes might be attracted by your backpack and open it to still your stuff as soon as you get distracted. So better if you hold your backpack in front of you. And in case you were wondering, yes, they opened my backpack and stole my tripode.

Upper Rock
Upper Rock

3. Walker ticket 2

The Nature Reserve includes also some of Gibraltar’s most important historical sites. The most important are: St Michael’s Cave, Great Siege Tunnels, City Under Siege Exhibition, Moorish Castle. If you want to visit these sites you have to buy the most expensive walker ticket, which costs £12.00.

Legends say that there is a secret natural tunnel from Gibraltar to Morocco and it’s accessible from deep inside St Michael’s Cave. It’s said that Gibraltar apes came from Africa through this tunnel.

Is it worth paying the extra cost? Well, I didn’t have time to see the “city under siege exhibition” and Moorish Castle is just ok, but St Michael’s Cave is extraordinary (except for the annoying 90′ dance music that you have to listen during the visit) and the Great Siege Tunnels is super interesting from the historical point of view. So, definitely yes! This ticket is worth the extra cost.

4. Cable car return

The hike up to the top of the rock offers breathtaking views, but I must say that it is a bit challenging. If you want to avoid the hike you can decide to use the cable car. The cheapest ticket of the cable car costs £15.50 and includes the way up and the way back. Once you get on top you can get to the Ape Den and see the monkeys.

However, if you choose to wander around the Upper Rock Nature Reserve on foot you have the possibility to admire the spectacular views as long as you want, plus you can get closer to the flora and fauna of the place. That’s why I don’t think the use of the cable car is the best option. Plus, the price of this option is more expensive than the walker ticket 2 but doesn’t allow you to visit any of the attractions.

Windsor Suspension Bridge
Windsor Suspension Bridge

5. Cable Car One Way & Walkers

This ticket costs £18.50 and includes a one-way Cable Car ticket (£13.50) + £5 walker ticket 1. This allows you to visit also the Skywalk, the Windsor Suspension Bridge and the O’Hara’s Battery.

One of the famous Gibraltar monkeys
One of the famous Gibraltar monkeys

6. Cable Car Return & Walkers

The cost of this ticket is £20.50. It also includes the return ticket of the cable car and the walker ticket 1.

7. Cable Car Return & Nature Reserve

This is the most expensive Cable Car tickets (£25.50) and it includes the return ticket of the cable car, plus all the attractions of the walker ticket 2.

Fun fact: You can get married in Gibraltar with just one day notice, and it will be recognised worldwide. So, this is the place to go to when you’ll meet your soulmate! And if you have already met him/her, well, what are you waiting for?! Few celebrities got married here, like Sean Connery and John Lennon.

8. Taxi

Once you get in Gibraltar many taxi drivers will try to sell you their tour services. This might be the most expensive option to get around in Gibraltar, but it is the one which requires less effort for sure. I didn’t use it, so I cannot really say much about it. But the taxi drivers who tried to approach me were a bit aggressive, and this was enough for me to deny the offer. I didn’t even ask for the price.

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