Chi sono

I’m Giusi Buttitta, a life enthusiastic and an unstoppable traveller. I opened this blog in February 2018, to share with you my greatest passion: travels. I was born in Sicily (the island at the very South of Italy), but I moved from my beloved island a few years ago to study in Turin (Northern Italy), and then I moved again to Ireland for work.

Colza flowers

I love life, smiling and I always try to do what makes me truly happy. Why the name “Maybe I’m out”? I repeated this phrase so many times in my life! But not because I’m a quitter. I actually think I’m a determined person! But I’m a human, who makes choices, as every other regular human. All the choices, even the little one brought me here and made me the person I am. And I’m quite proud of that person. However I made so many mistakes, and I’ll make many other more. But I believe it’s never too late to fix and learn from mistakes and continue in the pursuit of happiness. So “maybe I’m out”, because “I’m in” as far as I’m happy being there.

My other passion is photography. I’m constantly trying to improve my skills as a photographer, to include better pictures in my posts and also improve my Instagram feed. You can find me on these social networks:

All posts of this blog are written in English (sorry for all the mistakes), but last week of each month, all the posts which I published in English during the month are re-published in Italian, so that as many people as possible can read them.

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