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Top sunset spots in Sicily: “Le saline della laguna”

Yes, I love sunsets. Every time I stop to appreciate this wonderfulness I am totally absorbed by the beauty and calmness of the colour shadows. And the feeling that the sun will be there again for us is so full of promises, and make me feel so grateful.
In all the places I visit I try to find the best spot to admire this spectacle, and I can certainly say that one of the best sunset spot in Sicily is at “Le saline della laguna”.
This astonishing place is located on the coast between Trapani and Marsala, where several tanks are still used to obtain the sea salt by evaporation of the sea water. The production starts in March and it ends in July, when the produced salt is ground by the mills. During the day the sky is perfectly reflected on the saltpan.

Le saline – few minutes before the sunset

Right by the tanks, the sea salt is accumulated in small hills. Some of them are covered by roof shingles to minimise salt dispersion by the wind.
The saline are at their best during the sunset, when all the pink and orange shadowas are reflected by the water to create a magic atmosphere.

Le saline – Sunset
Stunning sunset

One of the mills in the saline (Mulino d’Infersa) is accessible by tourists, who can see the mill in action and enjoy saltpan views from the windows and the top. If you wish to know more about the salt production in this amazing part of Sicily than the windmill is definitely worth the visit.

Mulino d’infersa
Sea salt hills and mulino d’Infersa

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